Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not Even if Clinton Were Running!

Stephen Bainbridge gives Mike Huckabee the ultimate insult: casting him onto his "personal list of candidates for whom I would not vote even if the only alternative is Hillary Clinton (in which case I’ll just sit home and complain)." He joins Mitt Romney in this Republican equivalent of hell.

This is particularly interesting because Prof. Bainbridge is at least somewhat of a social conservative. Then again, he's specifically a Catholic social conservative, and we know they're not Huckabee's strong suit.

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PG said...

Bainbridge is much more attached to his intellectual elitism than he is to his social conservatism. He was one of the most severe against the Miers nomination. Remember that TCS column about the party of stupidity? Bainbridge is precisely the type -- the supposedly "social conservative" Republicans you see hating on Huckabee -- that cannot bear to be in such a party.