Thursday, October 16, 2008


The latest GOP mailer, heading out to Virginia:
"Terrorists don't care who they hurt," says the cover the brochure, arriving in mailboxes Wednesday in the battleground state of Virginia.

The words appear over a picture of someone in shadow eyeing or photograhing the front of an airplane, an apparent reference to the fact that terrorists used hijacked airplanes to kill Americans in 2001.

Flip open the brochure, and the photo is of Obama.

The mailer proceeds to give out standard Republican fare on how Obama "thinks terrorists just need a good talking to," before concluding with:
Barack Obama: Not who you think he is.

Even McClatchy flatly says that the mailer is making "a play on the fears, expressed by some Democrats in the primaries and some Republicans this fall, that Obama is a sort of Manchurian Candidate fronting for an anti-American identity or agenda." I think we've moved beyond "palling around with terrorists" now, haven't we?

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting. I hope this turns people off of the GOP. Did you see the Virginia mailer or the California one that has Obama's picture between watermelona nd fried chicken?