Sunday, February 01, 2009

And Moving To Europe

We had our first continent with South Africa. Venezuela expanded us into South America. And Europe? Well -- there is a lot to choose from.

In Iceland, a Bicycle shop is displaying a sign: "No Jews allowed", apparently as a "solidarity" measure with the Palestinians. This comes as protesters are demanding that the Icelandic government cut diplomatic ties with Israel.

In Norway, a politician who attended a pro-Israel rally is now under 24-hour police protection.
"I have never experienced this kind of hatred in Norway," said [Asle] Toje [foreign policy adviser to the opposition Progress Party], who was present at the demonstration. "There were people throwing stones at and spitting on rally-goers. Afterward, people carrying Israeli flags were randomly attacked in the streets."

Along with expressions of support for Israel, speakers at the rally, including Jensen, called for aid to be distributed in Gaza and for a cease-fire agreement to be signed. "It was a peaceful rally," said Toje. "Jensen was calling for the same things as Barack Obama. The difference is that she was doing it in Norway. The environment here is different."

A Norwegian diplomat in Saudi Arabia made waves recently for claiming that "The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany." Once again -- exactly? I think the history here seems a bit sketchy.

But my favorite is from a Portugese Dominican friar, Bento Domingues, who had this commentary:
Israel has already done enough to show that even with Madoff the Pharisee in jail, the U.S. will continue to have faith in Israel, in spite of having committed all manner of crimes against humanity.

I would be fascinated to know how this "man of God" thinks "Madoff the Pharisee" and America's relationship with Israel are remotely connected. Except, I suppose, that Madoff demonstrates that Jews can't be trusted. Though since I'm reasonably confident based on current events that the Catholic hierarchy will take no action against Domingues, it is hard for me not think that the Catholic church (as an institution) can be trusted to respond to anti-Semitism.

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