Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What Have We Done To Deserve This?

Joe the Plumber looks down the road:
As for his own political career, America will just have to wait six years until his son grows up.

“I don’t know if the American public deserve me,” he said, “but my son definitely deserves my time now.”

Oh. Lord. No.



PG said...

my son definitely deserves my time now.


I think it's an admirable sentiment and I wish more fathers had it. I just wish that JtP had applied it to his adventures in Middle Eastern journalism. (Did he take the poor boy with him to a war zone?)

Pope Incontinentius XIII said...

I think "Joe" the "Plumber" should definitely spend some quality time with his kid. Say, the next eight years, perhaps? Would that be enough time for the whole nation to forget he ever existed?