Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bedtime Quick Hits

Clearing the browser before sleepy-time.

Abbas tells the EU not to lift the boycott on Hamas.

Vermont Senate strongly backs gay marriage bill.

Are we on the brink of genuine class warfare?

I once had a job interview with Amanda Terkel. It went catastrophically bad (not her fault -- it was just one of those interviews), and needless to say, I didn't get the job. Nonetheless, even if I did bear a grudge (and I don't), nobody deserves to be stalked by Fox News.

Why the success of the Black immigrant doesn't tell us much about the state of their American-born counterparts.

Alyssa Rosenberg reviews Dollhouse (and situates it inside Joss Whedon's larger body of work).


Cory said...

What a paradox that Israel gets blasted for maintainnig a blockade against a Hamas run Gaza, but their Egyptian allies and Fatah cheerleaders get a pass.

PG said...

The Portfolio blogger seems to be confusing two somewhat distinct forms of anger: conservative anger at the government for getting involved in the private sector at all (these are the types who believe the entire crisis is the fault of the Community Reinvestment Act and people of color who wanted to be home owners; the people who, like Rick Santelli, are most infuriated by the idea of a bailout for "loser" homeowners); and not-conservative anger at Wall Street for being such a bunch of greedy bastards who demanded that government stay out of their way in good times and now comes begging in bad times (the type of people who are OK with helping home owners but are pissed off at the idea of helping the finance industry).

David Schraub said...

I think that the blogger is saying the former is kind of a red herring because those folks (outside a few purists) don't actually seem to mind the bailouts to the hyper rich, they just get the vapors over anything which might restrict their bonuses. So on that side, you have the wealthy finance types who read a little to much Rand and think that Clinton-era taxes are the reimposition of slavery (or Mugabism). And on the other side, you have the storming working class which is sick of being asked to soberly protect the big corps that got us into this mess (and are laying them off/foreclosing them house) and just think that some AIG heads would look lovely on pikes.