Friday, March 27, 2009

What Passes for Good News

Hey, Republicans had a good week in the tracking polls! While Congressional Republicans saw a net two point gain in their approvals, Congressional Democrats fell two points. I guess the country finally is turning a corner and showing its true "center-right" colors.

Or, you know, maybe even Congressional Republicans couldn't stay at 17/72 approvals forever (they're now at 18/71 -- Democrats are at 43/49).

Of course, this poll doesn't include reactions to the Republican budget that wasn't -- brought to you by a media that decided to commit a sudden and random act of journalism by pointing out the GOP was essentially handing out blank pieces of paper with talking points on them and calling it a "budget". On the other hand, maybe the lack of detail was for the best: "Adding numbers to it would be like assigning a horsepower rating to Hot Wheels."

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