Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colbert vs. Serenity

NASA opened a poll to name a module of the international space station, and it looks like "Colbert" won due to a write-in campaign launched by the Comedy Central host. It received over 230,000 votes. The article mentions that "Serenity" placed second with over 190,000 votes, but it fails to note the concerted campaign by "Firefly/Serenity" fans which helped it reach that lofty position.

Frankly, if Colbert can only get 40,000 more votes than a mid-tier movie and one-hitter-quitter TV series, I'm not sure he deserves the "victory". Serenity now!

UPDATE: In case any new visitors are confused, I should note that I love both Firefly and Serenity. Taking down Colbert may be impossible -- but that makes us mighty.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that Serenity received so many votes. That show has a huge cult following, and several books have come out. Joss Whedon also has a huge following.

Anonymous said...

CNN states in their article "Other rooms on the space station are named Unity, Harmony and Destiny."

Serenity may ultimately win because it is inline with the other room names.

Anonymous said...

Oh for heaven's sake, what has this guy done to deserve having part of the space station named after him? Serenity fits in with the other names already applied to the station. If you want to name it after a celebrity, the actor Tom Hanks has done alot of good work on his own time to promote NASA and space. Or you could name it after Gen. Chuck Yeager, the test pilot who broke the sound barrier for the Air Force. Or select a retired astronaut or one of those crew members of the two space shuttles we lost. All these have more than earned the right to immortality.

Anonymous said...

oh for heavens sake you are all idiots. You are just jealous of what coblert has done. He won the vote. It's about this generation not the one you all are in, not the one that has one foot in the grave. Colbert has a vast following of viewers who got on the net and voted. apprenetly many more then nasa could get and the last time i checked the numbers, 40000 more then serenity could get. Serenity - a disposition free from stress or emotion... yeah thats a great name for a room in the space station. get some help people. go back to the home and take your medication

Anonymous said...

colbert is a funny talented guy, but does he really need a turtle, eagle, icecream, airplane, day and a space station node?