Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Castling Move

Republicans really want Rep. Michael Castle (R-DE) to run for Senate (attempting to secure Joe Biden's old seat). Barring that, they really want him to stay put in the House (he's contemplating retirement). Delaware is fertile territory for Democrats, and Castle, an eight-term incumbent whose district encompasses the entire state, represents far and away their strongest state-wide candidate for any race.

But you got to wonder after this experience whether he really wants any more part of the contemporary GOP. Castle's a lifelong moderate -- it's one of the reasons he's essentially untouchable in what is a solid blue district. But particularly if he ran for Senate, he'd have to come face to face with the fever-swamp that is the GOP base, and I doubt that Castle finds it any less sickening than I do. For a guy already contemplating retirement, this is really the sort of moment that I can imagine pushing him over the edge.

It's not your party anymore, Mike. Let it go.


Superdestroyer said...

Was the term "fever swamp" in the memo about this. I have seen the term used over and over again on liberal blogs when discussing the birther issue.

Did the left ever use it to describe the Truthers?

Who cares who is elected the Congressman for Delware. It will have zero affect on policy and will have zero affect on the U.S. becoming a one party state.

When are those on the left going to stop worrying about the irrelevant Republicans and start demanding real answer from their own politicians? I would guess that the answer if never.

PG said...

Fever Swamp is a term that has been used for years on both sides of the aisle to describe the most unreasonable, conspiracy-minded people (usually on the opposing side, occasionally on one's own). Here is the Republican publisher of Forbes magazine referring to the Democratic Fever Swamp. Here is the American Thinker blog referring to "some Dems leaving the fever swamp." Fox News referred to concerns about the 2004 election being stolen as "fever swamps."

Unknown said...

"It's not your party anymore, Mike. Let it go."

Nostalgia. The kooks were always there. The internet just makes them stick out more.