Sunday, August 30, 2009

Abort/Retry/Fail Roundup

I didn't blog much over OCI. But now OCI's over, and I can roundup some of the the accumulated stuff on my browser! The real question, though, is whether law review have the same effect on me. Stay tuned!

* * *

The National Review thinks its segregationist predecessors had a point.

Depression makes you smarter. Anecdotally, I'm not surprised, but it still seems weird.

Iraq has an air force! Unfortunately, it's being stored in Serbia. If those MiG's have nuke payloads, that'll be two mysteries solved!

Will Wilkinson talks sense about masculinity.

A question as dumb as "Does God tweet" deserves an answer like this.

Ha'aretz thinks the new Japanese government might be more hostile to Israel than its predecessors (as part of a broader program of asserting independence from the US).

Hamas is furious that the UNRWA might teach Gaza kids about the Holocaust (which it says is a "lie"). The UNRWA isn't commenting on the "allegations" (in a world that was serious about treating Jews as equals, it would tell Hamas to suck it up and deal, but that won't ever, ever happen).

The "Yoo effect" strikes again!

Generally, it's considered a good thing when people are deterred from breaking the law. Generally.

And finally, a very sad note from a nostalgia perspective: Reading Rainbow is going off the air. The Education Department apparently thought it focused too much on making kids want to read, as opposed to phonics or something. I'll tell you what: there are plenty of folks my generation who have fond memories of Reading Rainbow. I've yet to meet anybody who looks back wistfully at Hooked on Phonics.


Rebecca said...

You're missing a few links...

David Schraub said...


The Gaucho Politico said...

NOOOO! Geordie La Forge always made me want to read. It was way more successful than hooked on phonics. Man, no more reading rainbow, no wishbone, what shows do kids watch that encourage reading now?

chingona said...

what shows do kids watch that encourage reading now?

Between the Lions is the main one. And it's a good show, but complementary to Reading Rainbow, not the same as Reading Rainbow. It has a lot of how-to-read elements, but each episode features several actual children's stories read to the lion kids by the lion parents.

Word Girl is more of a how to read show. It works on building vocabulary and how to understand words in context (via a girl superhero who uses her vocabulary to fight bad guys). It's a pretty cool show, but again, not the same as Reading Rainbow.

As a former viewer of Reading Rainbow and the mother of a soon-to-be 4-year-old, Reading Rainbow will be missed.

Rebecca said...

"stored in Serbia" and "does God tweet" link back to the current page.

David Schraub said...

Doh! Fixed.