Monday, August 31, 2009

Rumor: Sweden Will Condemn Blood Libel Article?

Ha'aretz reports that Sweden is preparing to present a resolution condemning anti-Semitism to the EU, which will include a specific denunciation of an article published in Aftonbladet claiming -- with virtually no evidence -- that Israelis kill Palestinians and harvest their organs. The article, however, is second-hand -- it's quoting an Italian official who apparently has been working with Sweden to resolve the crisis, but there isn't any official word out of the latter country.

Israeli officials respond:
"Every initiative against anti-Semitism is welcome," said Yigal Palmor, that ministry's spokesman. "But if the declaration is general and does not specifically relate to the article in Aftonbladet, it will not resolve anything.

"We did not ask for an apology, or for measures against the newspaper or the journalist," he added. "All we asked of Sweden and the Swedes is that they reject and decry the content of the report. And our position has not changed."

We'll see if this controversy can finally be put to rest.

UPDATE: Well, damn.

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Don't bet on it.