Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Ultimate Baller

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) may be my favorite person in the world right now.



S said...

Yeah, that was sweet. I had read about the exchange, but hadn't seen it, so thanks for sharing the clip.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I bet she listens to her god Limbaugh faithfully everyday. The crap that people believe is amazing. Good for Barney for not taking crap from this woman and her wacko kind.

Pope Incontinentius XIII said...

I have seen that clip several times, and it hasn't gotten old.

Anonymous said...

The more I hear of him, the more impressed I am with his plainspoken grasp of our situation.

Simply wailing, gnashing your teeth, and invoking socialism, nazi-ism, fascism, etc. Doesn't do anything but make you look foolish.

Unless you have already signed on to the bandwagon of ignorance.

Our healthcare system is BROKEN. Quit the wailing and name-calling, and HELP US HELP US!!

PG said...

Glenn Beck, more likely. When Republican Rep. Inglis suggested at a town hall that his constituents turn off the Beck, he was booed down.

Cycle Cyril said...

The woman at the Frank Town Hall meeting is a LaRouche follower. If you listen to this
of the exchange she invokes LaRouche's name and a seated guy flashes a defaced Obama photo with a mustache ala Hitler that LaRouche has on his web

LaRouche followers and their ideas are nuts. They are not of the Right, having their origins on the Left. Interestingly they are nominally Democrats (LaRouche ran numerous times for President in the Democratic primaries) and are for a single payer system.

PG said...

I find the repeated assertion that LaRouche is a Democrat sort of funny. I wonder if conservatives give the same level of credence to North Korea's calling itself a Democratic Republic. LaRouche suggested assassinating Carter; North Korea has run with the idea with regard to democracy and republicanism.

Also, if LaRouche is so fond of single-payer put into practice, why is he calling Britain's NHS (a single-payer system conservatives like to invoke as the apocalypse) "Nazi" as well? Are we misunderstanding and in LaRouche World, "Nazi" is actually a compliment? (Given LaRouche's anti-Semitism and homophobia, that would make sense...)

BTW, is Rush Limbaugh also a LaRouchite? If so, why are Republican leaders so busy kissing up to him?

Cycle Cyril said...

As I said LaRouche and his followers are nominally Democrats. In reality they are nuts, out of touch with reality and not of any party.

If memory serves me correctly in the seventies they were venting against Queen Elizabeth as being part of a global conspiracy of some sort or another. I've always wondered if they were Anglophobes but never bothered to check it out.

As for Limbaugh it is clear that he was playing tit for tat with Pelosi. Watch out if he starts playing by Chicago rules.

PG said...

Pelosi pointed out that the protesters against health care reform were carrying images of swastikas and the "SS" symbol. You can see in the Wash Times's photographs that this is literally true, although Pelosi may have misunderstood the context.

How is Limbaugh's illiterate comparison of the rod of Asclepius, a millennia-old symbol of Western medicine, to the Nazi flag literally true?

Feisthammel said...

"Baller" is definitely the correct terminology for Barney Frank. Well done.