Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Next

Interviews have started -- for obvious professional reasons, I won't be talking about them any more. What matters from your perspective is that I have solid internet at the interview site. So hopefully, I should be able to get some blogging done during the down times.

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PG said...

If they're running it like my law school did, you might want to use your down time to talk to folks in the hospitality suites for the firms where you're interviewing, so you can meet some of the employees besides the one or two people interviewing you. Can be both (a) a way to find out more about the firm and its practice areas; and (b) an opportunity to make a good impression on more people at the firm.

This can be particularly useful if for some reason you got people interviewing you who are from a different geographic location than the one at which you'd want to be. I wish I'd known to give this advice in time to my friend who wanted to work in Firm X's DC office and who I think would have been great there, but was getting interviewed by folks from Dallas with whom he didn't hit it off.

Also, sometimes they have food :-) just don't let yourself OD on caffeine or sugar.