Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zionist Agents

CQ has a long article on the rise of J Street, the progressive pro-Israel lobby which is seeking to build support for a muscular pro-peace agenda on the Hill. It's an interesting read, but my favorite part came here:
An AIPAC spokesman declined to comment on the record about J Street. But a person familiar with the organization’s thinking slams J Street for prescribing policy solutions, such as a settlement freeze.

“AIPAC does not take an ideological position on this stuff,” he said, adding that, by contrast, J Street, in lobbying for policy prescriptions for Israel to follow, is effectively saying, “We know better.” That is a far cry from AIPAC’s approach, which he described as building a close relationship between the United States and Israel, but respecting Israel’s choices as a democracy.

He also portrays J Street as a tool of the Israeli left, which is trying to accomplish in the United States what it couldn’t get done in Israel.

“They’ve gone offshore,” he said. “They couldn’t succeed inside the democratic framework of Israel, so they’re trying to get Americans to push their ideas and accomplish what they couldn’t get done inside their own country.”

Is everyone a Zionist agent? My God, the network is everywhere!

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