Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Radical Clerics

Anti-peace radicals deserve nothing but scorn:
On Monday, a radical cleric issued a statement rejecting a two-state solution for Israel-Palestine, suggesting that one of the two parties involved in the conflict should be made to find a homeland "elsewhere." Strangely, conservatives, who can usually be counted on to condemn such statements, have thus far been silent about this denial of the right of two peoples to two states in the Holy Land.

But perhaps it's not so strange, given that the cleric in question is Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, non-ordained Southern Baptist pastor, and former (and likely future) Republican presidential candidate. Speaking to reporters while on a tour of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem, Huckabee insisted that there is no room for a Palestinian state "in the middle of the Jewish homeland" and that the international community should consider giving the Palestinians a state some place else.

Huckabee was (rightfully) met with about 100 Israeli protesters who said that they were "not pawns in your Armageddon". In any event, I oppose anyone who tries to legitimize a one-state solution, regardless of who they imagine will rule over it.

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