Tuesday, October 27, 2015

La Foule, C'est Moi

The Washington Post has a fun article about how members of the far-right Freedom Caucus who have agreed to back Rep. Paul Ryan's speakership bid are now in the unfamiliar position of being assailed as "RINOs" and "traitors" by their own constituents. You know, the ones they spent the last few years whipping into a frenzy about how the vast majority of Republicans are "RINOs" and "traitors"? Anyway, the whole piece is good, but my favorite part is definitely is the concluding question asked of Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO):
Asked Thursday if he expects pitchforks back home, Buck said he did not: “I’m the guy with the pitchfork.”
"Am I worried about the blindly enraged, braying mob? Hell, I'm part of the blindly enraged, braying mob!"

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