Monday, March 12, 2018

Trump's Mideast Peace Plan is Going To Be YUGE!

The Trump administration is getting ready to announce its big Mideast Peace Plan. Details are sparse, but we already know a few things which won't be included:
According to the report, the officials said the plan does not have a set of guiding principles.
Also, they said, the plan also does not prescribe whether the outcome should be one states or two states, nor does it call a “fair and just solution” for Palestinian refugees.
The White House must now figure out how to present the plan so that it is not immediately rejected by the Palestinians.
I'll bet.


Raphael said...

I'm somehow reminded of the Onion video "HP Offers 'That Cloud Thing Everyone Is Talking About'"

Dan Kelso said...

Why is that Palestinians celebrate the most obscene, evil actions?
WATCH: Fatah Marks 40th Anniversary by glorifying Palestinian terrorist Dalal Maghrabi who murdered 37 Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv in 78

Dan Kelso said...

The Palestinian side consists of homicidal and suicidal murderers and the other side is Israel built on compassion and hatred of tyranny.

Dan Kelso said...

The last thing the leaders of Hamas and PLO want is peace. Their billionaire status fleecing their own people would come to an end.
It’s all a charade and propaganda to make Israel look bad and keep themselves rich.

Dan Kelso said...

Palestinian Arabs - The People Who Always Refuse a State

Benjamin Lewis said...

There are no guiding principles, and so little clarity of vision/outcome that it could end up as either 1 state or 2 states. Right. In what universe does this constitute a "plan"?

"You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."