Thursday, December 13, 2007

The WaPo

I'm a fan and defender of the Washington Post, though some parts more than others. I think it's news section is really good (when it's not talking about Hillary Clinton's cleavage). Tom Toles, the editorial cartoonist, is a god amongst men. I even think the unsigned editorials are decent. Their columnist rotation, well, that's a bit iffier:
It has been extraordinarily soft on George W. Bush throughout the various debacles over which he has presided. In fact, the most recent addition to the Post's Op-Ed writers is Michael Gerson, the former Bush speech writer, a man who combines a sunny shallowness with insular retrograde politics. The hiring is inexplicable -- the only possible way Gerson could attract an audience in this area would be if he were slated to be torn apart by wild dogs -- then he could sell out FedEx field.

Truer than you'd think. We're actually that liberal, and actually politically savvy enough to know who Gerson is.

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PG said...

The Washington Post is the preferred paper of conservatives who still want to read something literate and connected to reality. In order to maintain its status as the "moderate" paper, the Post has to have a certain number of real conservatives -- not David Brooks shadows -- in its stable. George Will, Robert Novak, and now this fellow. (Robert Samuelson is probably a conservative, but he mostly sticks to economics and is pretty good on the subject.)