Friday, April 11, 2008

Cause for Anger

Andrew Sullivan:
Sometimes I wonder if some white Republicans actually believe that black people in this country have no reason to feel any anger or alienation at times. I'm not talking about letting it consume you - just feeling it, dealing with it, managing it.

He then follows up with a moving account of how his own experience as a gay man makes it easier for him to understand Black anger and alienation -- along with the admission that, had he not been gay, he might have blindly adopted the same position as his Republican peers.

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Joey said...

Some (usually old) gay fools are still striving to link themselves with blacks in the fantasy that they can be commonly oppressed allies in the fight against the bad heterosexual white racist man. Some gays were even stupid enough to join the black mobs (including homophobic hate groups like the New Black Panther Party) in Durham, NC, to attack the Duke lacrosse guys in '06. I'm gay; I KNOW.