Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rhetorical Point Down!

While it does deprive folks of a rhetorical point with regard to the oft forgotten Jewish refugees who had flee from their middle east homes when Israel was established, this little blurb buried in this already good news made me smile:
The Bahraini king’s decision comes amidst talk to grant “full citizenship rights” to Jewish returnees to Bahrain, whereby any Jews “who were residing in Bahrain and are of Arab or Iraqi roots who migrated from another country” can become full Bahraini citizens.

It is (or would be, if approved) a nice gesture of good faith from the Bahrain government and another step towards establishing a pluralistic democracy there.*

*That being said, it is not parallel to a Palestinian "right of return" -- at least so long as a two-state solution is on the table. The number of Jews who even could return to Bahrain on this plan pose no chance of attaining a majority or ending Bahraini self-rule.

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alberich said...

Arab nations have been working slowly but surely to grant Jews rights of return ever since the pro-Palestinian side decided to make a big deal out of a Palestinian "right of return" and the Arab nations realized there would be some hypocrisy there.

Of course, it's not the same. Not only for the reason you mention, but also -- even if Jews are allowed to practice Judaism, could you imagine the life of a "returned" Jew? How long until they get into trouble for being "Zionists"?

The real question (and I feel afraid to ask it because it does re-enforce anti-Semitic stereotypes about money-grubbing Jews) is will rich Arab nations reimburse Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews for the property and money they lost when they were driven out of the Arab world.