Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drinker's Delight

I don't drink beer, or really alcohol in general, but pieces like this (about so-called "extreme beer" breweries like Dogfish) always fascinated me. I think I'm mentally linking it to alchemy, which is intrinsically pretty cool. I have the same reaction to mixed drinks -- I don't usually like them myself, but the appeal of mixing various liquids together and creating something always had a hold on me, which is why I'm so pleased with the positive reaction I get to the old 4th Burton hot apple cider/peach schnapps combination.


PG said...

The only beer I drink is lambic (i.e. fruit juice served in a wine glass), but I love Dogfish Head's flavored rums. Every time I go back to Rehoboth, I stock up on Brown Honey.

If you visit southern DE around election time, the spirit behind the creation of the 60 Minute IPA --
The turning point came in 1999, when Calagione was watching a cooking show on television. The chef, who was making a soup, was saying that several grindings of pepper, added to the pot at different points, would give the dish more flavor than a single dose added at the beginning. Not long afterward, at a Salvation Army store, Calagione came across an old electric football set—the kind with a playing field that vibrates to send miniature players skittering across it. Back at home, he found a five-gallon bucket and drilled some holes in the bottom. He laid a pair of wooden blocks on the football set, put the bucket on the blocks, and strapped the whole thing together with duct tape. (“Pretty high-tech M.I.T. stuff,” he says.)
-- is still alive at PunkinChunkin.

The Gaucho Politico said...

I am a big beer fan. Trapist beers are my favorite, a goo achel triple or rochefort 10.