Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Judge The Ballots

NPR has samples of some of the contested ballots in the Coleman/Franken Minnesota Senate election, and lets you vote on how you think they should be counted. Finally, a chance to prove you're smarter than a Floridian! Take a whack at it -- and remember, Minnesota operates under a loose "intent of the voter" standard.

My decisions:
1) Franken
2) Accept it (McCain)
3) Franken (this was, in my view, the closest call)
4) Franken
5) Franken ("Lizard People" wasn't bubbled in)
6) Franken
7) Coleman
8) Franken
9) Barkley
10) Barkley
11) Coleman

1 comment:

The Gaucho Politico said...

I dont remember exactly how i voted but i know that there was one or two where i said there was no intent. One of those was the mark completely outside the box. and one was both bubbles completely filled but a line either through or under franken. i could not tell if they were crossing him off or underlining him. Other that i thought they were fairly clear.