Monday, November 17, 2008

That's New

I just got a push poll from, I believe, Ford Motor, asking whether I support the bailout (after regaling me with statistics about lost jobs and general hellfire and doom).

I told them I'm undecided. Which is true.


The Gaucho Politico said...

it looks like as of now there is going to be a minor fight over bailing out the auto industry. Kyl and a couple of other GOP senators have come out heavily against it. The autos are probably trying to secure public opinion in favor of them before this fight officially starts so that they have some leverage. If they can show that the american people have already decreed the bailout necessary then they can try and resist any conditions attached to the money.

PG said...

I'm really against it unless they can show that once they get the money, they'll be competitive with Toyota, Honda et al. If this is just delaying the inevitable, bring on the inevitable. Bankruptcy can be good for a company.