Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Well Soon

I just wanted to send some well wishes to my friend Jeremy, currently deployed in Iraq, who suffered a concussion and an array of minor injuries after an IED exploded several meters away from his position. He got off relatively light -- the brunt of the explosion was taken by an Iraqi army comrade standing next to him, who is currently in stable condition. Jeremy seems to be recovering well, and knowing him he's itching to get back onto the front lines with his platoon (though he was slated to be transferred to a less combative position anyway -- coordinating battalion actions during the evening when the normal leadership is asleep). Knowing his wife, she's less than thrilled at his gung-ho attitude.

Anyway, best wishes to Jeremy to make a full recovery (and also to the unknown Iraqi Army Captain who may have unwittingly saved his life). We're all thinking of you.


Matt said...

Oh, dear.

Concussions are serious business. More so than most people think. Do you know how long he was out or concussed after coming to?

Hopeful thoughts.

David Schraub said...

It was apparently pretty mild. He lost 10-15 minutes of time (he wasn't out, he just has no recollection of what happened in those 10-15 minutes -- apparently he managed to establish a cordon to try and catch the triggerman). He says that aside from some abrasions and a faint ringing sound in his head, he's mostly fine.