Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bauer Channels The Bad Romney

Back in the cesspool that was the 2008 Republican primary, Mitt Romney indicated that he would refuse to hire any Muslims into his cabinet were he President of the United States (to his credit, John McCain was I believe the only Republican candidate to sharply criticize the remarks).

Now, former candidate and all around nut Gary Bauer has a column up entitled "Muslims in the White House?", raising the terrifying specter that Obama, who "says he's a Christian", may still appoint some Muslim persons to various jobs in the White House.


PG said...

I wonder if anyone has informed Bauer that Bush, also to his credit, did hire Muslims, including one who was on his Secret Service detail. I hope someone does and then ducks lest Bauer's head explode at the thought of a Muslim protecting Bush.

David Schraub said...

It's worse than that. A Muslim represented us at the UN, which is essentially akin to the US submitting to a global government caliphate sharia law black helicopter liberal fascism. Essentially.