Thursday, February 04, 2010

Iterative Roundup

What is this, three in a row?

* * *

American Jews signal their worries about decreasing pluralism in Israel, warn that their support isn't unconditional.

OneVoice sends its representatives into the heart of refugee camp and an illegal settlement for town hall meetings.

Tom Campbell: demonic sheep.

Scott Fujita steps up to the plate on gay rights.

If corporations are persons, why can't they run for Congress? Well, one corporation is testing the waters, announcing it is entering into the Republican primary for the 8th District of Maryland (my congressional district). The company is a liberal PR firm, so this is more akin to the California petition to end divorce than anything else (via).

Two possible SCOTUS vacancies for the Obama administration to grapple with. My money is on Kagan snagging at least one of them.

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PG said...

I look forward to all the ESPN and other sports columnists who praised Tebow's bravery now doing the same for Fujita.