Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Busy with Everything But Roundup

Ever had one major thing on your agenda, which causes you to become superproductive regarding all the minor things on your agenda? That's been me this week.

* * *

Daniel Oppenheimer's meditation on being a "conservative leftist" really spoke to me. I've often described myself as "conservative in temperament but liberal in politics", and this is what I meant. It's also what I mean when I characterize myself as a very, very idealistic pragmatist.

Bibi Netanyahu tells GOP Senators he's still pro-two-states. For all the talk from the RJC about how Democrats are "anti-Israel", it's Republicans who have deviated most dramatically from core elements of the pro-Israel consensus. And it's high time that the pro-Israel establishment take them to task for it.

A really, really fascinating article by Eylon Aslan-Levy on early Israeli diplomatic policy regarding Jewish refugees from Arab countries (early meaning circa 1948-1956). It filled in some significant gaps in my knowledge about this important and nettlesome issue.

T'ruah, the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, issues a nuanced, thoughtful, and principled statement on the Black Lives Matter platform.

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