Thursday, July 16, 2020

Blog of Ratings: Insurance Company Mascots

Apropos of nothing, my ranking of the various television insurance company mascots and spokespersons (from best to worst):

  1. Geico Gecko
  2. Flo (Progressive)
  3. Mayhem (Allstate)
  4. J.K. Simmons (Farmers)
  5. "Jake from State Farm" (original)
  6. Flo's coworkers (Progressive)
  7. Dennis Haysbert (Allstate)
  8. Aflac Duck
  9. "Jake from State Farm" (new)
  10. Peyton Manning (Nationwide)
  11. Geico Caveman
  12. The General (The General)
  13. Limu Emu (and Doug) (Liberty Mutual)
Also, while they don't represent an insurance company, the Cricket Wireless monsters come in last place because they're that terrible.

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