Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Southern Rumble

Alabama and Mississippi seem determined to wage a battle to death on which can forestall joining the 20th century for the longest period of time (we'll work on getting them to century 21 later).

In Alabama's corner, Legal Fiction provides a reminder of former Chief Justice Roy Moore's lawless antics while on the Alabama Supreme Court. To the state's credit, the judges kicked Moore out of office for ignoring a federal court order to take down his two-ton statue of the 10 commandments. To their immense detriment, the voters then elected Moore protege Tom Parker to the court, who ran explicitly on a 10 commandments platform. Judges who run based on ignoring the law? Sounds like judicial activism to me...

Of course, reckless disrespect for the constitution isn't the only thing that Parker had going for him. He also is a neo-confederate with links to several racist groups, including the Council for Conservative Citizens and the neo-secessionist League of the South.

And that isn't the only way Alabama reminds us that they hate black people! They also voted down a state constitutional amendment that would have stricken language in the constitution that mandated segregated schools, poll taxes, and asserted there was no right to a public education. Because 1954, 2004...what's the difference? But let's give a big hand to the Christian Coalition of Alabama, without whose opposition the amendment almost certainly would have passed. Way to spread Jesus' word!

In the face of all this, Mississippi has a tough task, and I admit they don't quite seem up to it. Their ace-in-hole is their celebration of Martin Luther King day, or should I say Martin Luther King/Robert E. Lee day (hat tip: The Moderate Voice). Because what is more logical than grouping together the greatest civil rights leader of our times, and the general who led the army which sought to preserve the enslavement of black people. It just makes sense.

So far, that's all I've found for Mississippi, which obviously doesn't hold a candle to the Alabamian antics. However, there's still plenty of time to come back! The title is still out there for the taking!

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vince said...

Ok, I caught this post while on my way to a nap after my first day of class, so I can't compose my complaint list concerning Mississippi and it's backwards ways (since, you know, I live there hehe).

What is sad though is that regressive acts here are always made known to everyone and their sister in the country (and sometimes the world), but the work done in a progressive effort are rarely, if ever, publicized.