Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Schweitzer for President?

Kos is giving the early nod to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer if he chooses to run for President. A Democrat who won in one of the reddest of red states, Schweitzer holds views that might be quite appealing to the persuadable red-staters. He's pro-gun, an old-school economic populist, and holds conservationist environmental views that resonate deeply with hunters and fishermen. The Washington Monthly did a whole cover story on his rise to political power, which is a great primer in how the Democrats can compete again outside their coastal base.

I obviously think its a bit early to be naming 2008 contenders, and "economic populism" always worries me. Still, it is very clear that Schweitzer is a savvy politician and someone to keep an eye on. Everytime I read about him, it seems like he's doing something sharp. Could he be the one in 2008?


N.S.T said...

But Best of All for you electoral vote-starved Dems, he'd carry Montana. Oh wait...no he wouldn't because Gubernatorial politics are completely different than national politics. Look at my state, Maryland. We have a rather popular Republican governor, Bob Ehrlic, and yet we remain the bluest of blue states, and no Republican presidential candidate ever puts up any fight to get us. When Al Gore ran, he lost not only Tennesee, but also Bill Clinton's home, Arkansas. These are all examples of how crossover appeal in state politics doesn't necessarily translate into crossover appeal in national politics

Mark said...

Of course the other problem being that one might wonder how a candidate so idealogically estranged from the "base" will energize the party.