Monday, March 20, 2006

Drop Off

He still clocks in at a solid 58% approval rating, but South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds (R) clearly got hurt by the SD abortion ban. Approvals down 14%, disapprovals up 15%--all in one month. That stings.

Meanwhile, the poll figures for President Bush continue to be abysmal. He has a net positive approval rating in just seven states: Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. He averages a negative 24% net rating across the 50 states. That also stings.

The poll desperately want to see is one measuring voter regret. It would ask who the respondents voted for. Then, it would ask them if they would have still voted for that person if the election were held today.

That would really show the measure of their discontent.

Just so everybody knows: My laptop is in the shop for repairs (I'm borrowing this one), and I'm going to a debate tournament on Wednesday. I won't be getting back to college until a week from tomorrow. So I'll probably be mostly incommunicado over that period.

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