Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Expert Sleuthing

Headline from CNN: UN Hears of Mass Darfur Killings.

Excellent work, investigators. Maybe now they'll do something about it.


Mark said...

Just curious. You've blogged a number of times about the killings in Darfur. Why does that get more (of your) press than the killings in the Congo, which reportedly are worse by more than an order of magnitude and have been going on for a decade or more? What's special about Darfur?

David Schraub said...

I have blogged on Congo a few occassions, though admittedly far fewer times than on Darfur. And there are many anti-genocide activists like me who have done the same. Why? Honestly, because I think that we feel (felt) like we still have a chance to stop Darfur before it turns into a Congo. Triage.

Although I'm beginning to feel like Congo is finally turning a corner. Many years too late, but things are finally starting to look up there.

The probligo said...

Not yet reported in Auckland. Thanks David.