Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rehoboth Avenue

Hey y'all. The beach trip is going quite well. We played mini-golf last night, and while my dad won with a sizzling back nine (to finish 9-under par, beating me by three strokes), I did make the shot of the day by getting that "19th hole" hole-in-one, winning a free game. You know the whole type--some impossible set up (in this case, a 15 foot putt to a plank about 2 inches wide leading uphill into a tiny hole), one shot, pure luck. But I drilled it. Family was duly impressed.

I was also more right than I knew regarding internet access. I have it, but it is sporadic. Basically, the motel I'm at doesn't have wi-fi, but the street it's next to is a hotspot. So my room is right on the fringe of that network. It tends to dislike me, but I can surf the net, check email, etc.. In theory, I'm supposed to be studying for my GREs. But I'm probably going to end up blogging instead.

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PG said...

I've been spending a lot of time in Rehoboth Beach this past year -- if you like rum at all, be sure to get some of the flavors at Dogfish Head. Also, for nice food if you're not easily horrified by Orientalism, try Planet X.