Monday, December 17, 2007

10-Year Old Girl Arrested For Bringing Steak Knife To School

Why'd she bring the steak knife? Because she brought steak for lunch, and needed to cut it.

Why were the cops called? Because, according to a school official: "Anytime there's a weapon on campus, yes, we have to report it and we aggressively report it because we don't want to take any chances, regardless."

Or possibly, the school officials are dumber than the students they purport to be teaching.


PG said...

I wouldn't fault the school for reporting it. We have policies against weapons on school grounds, and the school is just covering its ass by ensuring that it follows the protocol. The person at fault is 1) the ass who arrested the little girl.

"But once we're notified, we have to take some type of action," Pogue explained.

Um, NO. Police can be called to an incident without arresting or charging anyone. The proper response for the police was to tell the kid not to bring sharp knives to school anymore because it goes against school policy.

And 2) the principal who suspended her for 10 days.

This is the problem with people who think that "doing something" must be the same as "punishing someone."

Anonymous said...

How freaking stupid have we become? The poor kid only wanted to eat lunch. A steak knife is not a weapon unless it is used as one. Is the kid in shop class arrested if he brings a screw-driver? It can be just a deadly as a steak knife. The school officials are the ones that need to be arrested. If no one was threatened, tell the kid she isn't to bring it again. THEN, if there is an issue, there is cause for alarm. But to be arrested for eating properly? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

i agree with all of you, this isn't right, and i hope the girl gets justice, BUT looking on the other side of the fence...the girl couldve avoided this by simply cutting her steak at home before school or something...the girl is ten years old, im sure she knew the policy at school...even if she didnt know how picky the "zero tolerance" policy is, it all couldve been avoided....but yes, the girl shouldn't have gotten arrested or be facing a felony right now...