Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa College Tracking

Because the Democratic Party's Iowa Caucus website breaks down results in absurd amounts of detail (and is updated literally by the minute), I'm going to track the voting around four small liberal arts colleges (I don't do the big ones because they're in big cities and it's impossible to figure out which precincts actually contain the schools). I don't pretend that this information has any specific use -- I don't know what percentage of caucusers are students in these areas, and even if I did I'm not sure what the implications of their vote would be. But it's interesting nonetheless.

*** Results as of 7:52 Central ***

Central College, Pella, Marion County (2 Clinton, 3 Edwards, 7 Obama)

Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Linn County (no results yet).

Grinnell College, Grinnell, Poweshiek County (3 Clinton, 6 Edwards, 8 Obama).

Luther College, Decorah, Winneshiek County (2 Clinton, 2 Edwards, 6 Obama)

*** Total Results as of 7:52 Central ***

Senator John Edwards : 32.62%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 32.30%
Senator Barack Obama : 32.30%
Governor Bill Richardson : 1.89%
Senator Joe Biden : 0.75%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.11%
Uncommitted : 0.04%
Precincts Reporting: 461 of 1781

Can you say razor tight?

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