Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Winner and Champion

Congratulations to Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, who just broke Patrick Roy's old NHL record for most career wins by a goalie:
Instead of hoisting the trophy, Brodeur took out a pair of scissors and cut the net.

"It's definitely harder than I thought," Brodeur quipped. "These basketball players, it's only a little net. This was a big net. I had help from a couple of my teammates."

Brodeur is almost indisputably the greatest goaltender in the history of professional hockey. He has the most wins (552), most wins in a single season (48), most total shutouts (118), second most regular season shutouts (100, three behind Terry Sawchuk), and second most playoff shutouts (22, one behind Patrick Roy). His career goals against average is 2.20, 10th all time. And he's still got some kick left in his career -- he'll probably top Sawchuk's record and almost definitely will top Roy for most playoff shutouts. Add three Stanley Cups, four Jennings Trophies, and four Vezina Trophies, and you've got a resume fit for a legend of the sport.

Congratulations to a true all time great.

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