Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now You Want Our Help

The anti-government Christian militia accused terrorists have asked for public defenders. Of course, they ought to receive them, but still, lolz.


PG said...


They only need public defenders because the government has interfered with them (in arresting them and charging them with felonies) in the first place. It's not like they're asking for government aid in the absence of government's having necessitated that aid in the first place.

joe said...

Yeah this sounds like the old "if you're such a principled liberal/conservative/Ron Paul supporter, why don't you throw away that tax cut/Social Security check/currency issued by the Fed and not backed by gold" canard.

PG said...

Well, no, I think this is different because the government doesn't really do anything to force you into the position of needing the Social Security check or the Fed currency. I forget which Southern author tells the story about the aristocratic daughter of the Confederacy who expected her elderly black staff to burn their Social Security checks because she still considered herself their protector, not the damn Yankees.

If you want to deal only in gold, so far as I know you can do that. You just have to find a Galt's Gulch-esque group of people with whom to engage in this gold-based economy. In contrast, when the federal government arrests you and will put you in prison for a long time, your liberty will be lost unless you can successfully defend yourself against felony charges, something you'll probably need experienced counsel to do. There's no threat by the government to the liberty of anyone who fails to make use of his Social Security check.