Friday, March 12, 2010

Taking on the Army

Matt Yglesias believes that Glenn Beck's targeting of social justice churches is going to turn out like when McCarthy decided to take on the army. Normally, I'd dismiss anything that relies on the media acknowledging the existence of progressive faith traditions, but Jim Wallis' challenge to Beck currently has front page billing on CNN, so maybe my cynicism is unwarranted.

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joe said...

Glenn Beck isn't like a mainstream political figure who can be discredited. He's a kook who just happens to have many likeminded viewers. He goes on TV and slams Teddy Roosevelt.

His fans are not going to care about any critique, since anyone who challenges their oracle is by definition one of the despised progressives (aka "communists trying to socialize your Nazism" in the words of Jon Stewart).

And I like to think that most reasonable or fair minded people have already figured out to tune the man out.