Friday, June 18, 2010

Bang It Out

I sometimes listen to music on my headphones at work. Unfortunately, the headphones are plugged into my laptop, which has a surprisingly excellent pair of speakers. Meaning that if I accidentally yank the headphones (inadvertant arm movement, leaning back too quickly), then the hallways of this prestigious, white-shoe law firm is suddenly filled with sound of whatever metal/guitar riff I'm currently listening to.

This has happened twice now -- and both times it has been tremendously humiliating.


PG said...

If you are genuinely embarrassed by this, why not listen to your iPod instead of through the laptop? I would normally hesitate to presume someone owns an expensive technology, but I feel sure this purchase will hardly dent your summer wages.

David Schraub said...

iPod just broke, and I'm hesitant to get a new one because I realize I hadn't used it for a year (been listening through my laptop).

Judeosphere said...

Many laptops have an auto-mute function. Mute the laptop before you plug in the headphones, and then crank-up the volume. If the headphones become disconnected, the laptop automatically reverts to mute mode.

joe said...

Just forget about using the headphones. Let the metal fill the hallways. You want to be memorable to past employers so they have something to tell potential future ones when called for a reference.

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