Friday, June 11, 2010

Greene With Envy

The burgeoning story about Alvin Greene, the "surprise" Democratic candidate for Senate in South Carolina, sure is strange. But absent any showing of fraud or other illegal shenanigans, I have to admit I'm a little unsympathetic to my partymates in the Palmetto State. If you are so disorganized that you can't mobilize your own base to vote for your establishment pick against the guy who literally could only be known as "the other guy", that's your own damn fault.

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PG said...

In fairness to the SCDP, remember they have open primaries, so it's not just rallying the Democratic base; it's also ensuring that Republicans who vote in the Democratic primary do so in good faith (ie not for the candidate who will be weaker in the general election against their own party's incumbent DeMint).