Monday, February 07, 2011

The (Potential) Harm in Harmon Resigning

Longtime California Democratic Rep. Jane Harman has announced she is resigning from Congress to lead the think tank. Her District is pretty firmly "D" territory, so the big question is which Democrats will run to replace her.

DKos floats some names, and at the top is 2008 and 2010 primary challenger Marcy Winograd. You may recall Winograd -- she's the one who opposes Israel's very existence as a Jewish state and basically accused Henry Waxman of possessing dual loyalties. And beyond that, she sounds like an all-purpose nutcase. So not exactly someone I want to rise into any level of prominence.

On the other hand, SSP's recitation of potential candidates doesn't seem to take Winograd very seriously (Dave Weigel is checking into whether she's running at all). So hopefully that means she's on the outs, and a solid progressive Democrat will be in.


Yeggo said...

Important to remember while Winograd is well-thought of in the liberal blogosphere, she never really came close to beating Harman, and may end up leaving the Democratic party altogether. There's a pretty good Democratic stable out there. While the 36th deserves someone more liberal than Harman, Winograd may be a bit much.

joe said...

Well it's definitely hard to be less of a "solid progressive" than Harman, so it's pretty likely.