Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scareware is Evil

Laptop is deader than dead, thanks to some particularly nasty scareware malware. I'm trying to get my files off the hard drive and then reinstall Windows, but, you know, who knows how that's all going play out (or how long it will take).



joe said...

Have you tried a system restore?

PG said...

Sorry to hear of your computer woes. Just FYI, looks like Blogger is back to eating comments that have links in them, as a few of mine have posted and then disappeared.

sonicfrog said...

David, before reinstalling Windows, try this. I've use it many times for my side computer repair business.

It's a bootable linux distro that contains the AVG anti-virus / malware software suite. When you start your computer, you put in in the CD / DVD drive and you boot right into the operating system on the disk. This allows you to remove the nasties without running Windows at all. It's a live CD and doesn't write anything onto your hard drive or install on your computer.

Good luck!