Thursday, March 31, 2011

Iron Range

Ohio is about to pass a Wisconsin-like union-busting bill. And Democrats, who can force a referendum on the law before it goes into effect, are spitting for a fight.

The referendum will be held in November of 2011. And while some folks aren't thrilled about that (a few more days and the contest would be in November of 2012 -- alongside a likely more Democrat-friendly electorate aided by President Obama), the Daily Kos is stoked at the early race.

And while I agree with the particulars of their analysis (strike while the iron is hot, clear attention to this one issue, forces GOP presidential contenders to take a stand during the primaries), what I'm more hyped about is the enthusiasm. After a demoralizing 2010, the Democratic base is fired up. And that sort of enthusiasm, more than anything else, is symbolic of a political movement making a comeback.

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