Friday, April 08, 2011

Prosser Retakes Lead, Waukesha County to the Rescue

After posting a tiny lead in the first count, Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg has fallen behind incumbent David Prosser after 14,000 additional votes were found in conservative Waukesha County, netting him a gain of 7,000 (quite a lot, given that the margin between the two was hanging in the low triple digits).

Some folks have been having a lot of fun observing how the inevitable GOP cries of "fraud" have magically disappeared since Prosser retook the lead. Of course, hypocrisy tends to be a double-edged sword -- are Democrats who were formerly poo-pooing the fraud allegations now ready to storm the ramparts about the stolen election? To Daily Kos, responding to an announced state-level probe into the circumstances surrounding the newly discovered ballots:
[I]t's probably best not to get your hopes up about Kloppenburg potentially winning the campaign as a result of this probe. There are, as I noted earlier today, good reasons to believe that this was gross incompetence rather than fraud, even if the clerk and circumstances involved are extremely sketchy.

Hmm. That sounds ... amazingly mature. Imagine that. And I'm inclined to agree, incidentally -- rank incompetence strikes me as a far more likely explanation for these new votes than anything sinister.

In any event, since it looks extremely likely that Judge Prosser has retained his seat, I congratulate him on his hard-fought victory -- as well as to the Democratic and union organizers who managed to close a thirty point gap in the space of two months. This wasn't just Madison -- throughout the state of Wisconsin, there was strong and definitive movement in the blue direction that provides ample room to build upon as the recall races heat up.

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joetote said...

It has to be noted that a major Democrat who participated in the vote count and the subsequent discovery of the 7,500 omitted votes validated that it was an honest error and approved the final vote tally.

Every now and then an honest Democrat appears! Kudos Ramona Kitzinger! Your party could learn a thing or two from you!

Shouldn’t be too long now before the scum on the left starts demonizing another one of their own now, should it? After all, in the union owned Democratic Party, having someone actually tell the truth or show some moral backbone is tantamount to treason, isn’t it?