Sunday, July 31, 2011

Different Places

Physically, I'm flying back to Chicago tomorrow, and moving down to Champaign the following week. Virtually, I'll be visiting at Concurring Opinions for the next month. I don't anticipate any reduced blogging over here, since I have a very specific agenda for my time at Co-Op (the secret inner workings of the law review process, mostly), but if there is a drop off, that might explain it.


Dan Markel said...

I can't believe you wouldn't share that with us at Prawfs first!

David Schraub said...

I'd love to do a gig at PrawfsBlawg sometime. But I did send y'all an email back in April -- but it was to the PrawfsBlawg address which I guess isn't checked (you wrote me back a month later to say "I wish you had written me earlier at my personal email address", and that you were forwarding the email to Brian). In the meantime, I had already accepted the Con-Op stint.