Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Katie is the Best

After Hours on is one of my all-time favorite things. Katie Willert, a comedian who is on the cast of After Hours is, by extension, also one of my favorite people.

Unfortunately, some people are dicks (and specifically, sexist dicks) to her online, in the comments section. And yes, comments sections are typically chock full of assholes -- that's a universal truism of the internet. But still, it's sad.

Anyway, there's no mega-point to be made here. Only that Katie Willert is awesome, and that she'll remain awesome no matter what some obscure no-name commenter frat ape has to say about it. So keep on keeping on, Katie.

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Christopher Meyer said...

Given how they pointed out flaws in all the other superpowers, I'm disappointed they ignored the big problems with stopping time. You wouldn't be able to see or hear anything, since sound and electromagnetic waves would be frozen in place. Matter itself would behave extremely differently if the subatomic particles weren't all in constant motion, which in turns means you also wouldn't have any normal sense of "touch." You'd be a conscious entity in an empty void.