Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hell's Kitchen All-Stars: Heroes and Villains

Another episode of Hell's Kitchen, another day where Elise is still in the kitchen. Alas. But I did enjoy getting to see some of my old favorites make a return -- indeed, I'd have liked to hear more about where they are now. I admit to not being the biggest Trev fan, but I adore Jillian, Tennille, and even Van (Season 6 was the first one I saw, so it has a special place in my heart). And as for Ben, well, he was the recipient of one of the coldest Chef Ramsey remarks in the show's history (he pulled Ben aside and whispered in his ear "I want you out."), but I guess that didn't do any permanent damage.

Anyway, someone speculated that this episode was a dry run for a potential "Hell's Kitchen All-Stars". Which is an awesome idea on its own. But what would be even awesomer would be to make it into a "heroes versus villains" affair. Two teams of eight, one composed of fan favorites, the other, famous HK antagonists.

So below is my roster for Hell's Kitchen All-Stars: Heroes and Villains. All participants had to at least make the black jackets, but not win, in their respective seasons. Beyond that, it's a purely subjective assessment on my part. So, without further delay....


Ralph (Season #1, Second Place)
Julia (Season #3, Fourth Place)
Petrozza (Season #4, Second Place)
Paula (Season #5, Second Place)
Ariel (Season #6, Third Place)
Tennille (Season #6, Fourth Place)
Jillian (Season #8, Third Place)
Will/Jennifer (Season #9, ??? Place -- obviously, one of them won't win, and while I'll be shocked if Will doesn't win this season, I can't just assume it).


Sara (Season #2, Fourth Place)
Jen (Season #3, Third Place)
Corey (Season #4, Third Place)
Suzanne (Season #6, Fifth Place)
Benjamin (Season #7, Third Place)
Russell (Season #8, Second Place)
Sabrina (Season #8, Sixth Place)
Elise (Season #9, ??? Place, but apparently she doesn't win).

What do you think?

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