Monday, January 23, 2012

Jewish Newspaper Editor Who Called for Obama's Assassination Resigns

Obviously good riddance. The editor, Andrew Adler of the Atlanta Jewish Times, faced a torrent of criticism from all quarters for his repulsive column, including from the AJC and ADL, as well as finding his paper cut loose by the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta until Adler left the paper. Adler, who owned as well as managed the newspaper, is also looking to sell it to another owner to complete his withdrawal.

Oh, and since I've been hearing murmurings that Adler isn't being investigated by the Secret Service because Jew Jew special treatment Jew, it's worth noting that he is, in fact, being investigated by the Secret Service. Which is appropriate, but it is almost certainly the case that he didn't do anything illegal -- just repulsive (abstract advocacy of violence, particularly against public figures, is protected by the First Amendment. Unless he had an actual conspiracy in motion, which seems more than a little far-fetched, his column falls into that category).

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