Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One-Statism as Wedge Issue

Gal Beckerman has a post up on a Democratic ad demonstrating that "Democrats will not cede Israel to Republicans". Here's the ad.

Obviously, I'm glad that Democrats aren't ceding this terrain. And the points made -- about how the Obama administration has in fact been excellent in terms of funding Israel's security needs and keeping Iran in check -- are important ones. But that's a defensive posture, and there's plenty of room for Democrats to go on offense.

If I were cutting a Democratic campaign ad, I'd start by pairing up text and speeches from Republicans who are one-staters and radical left and Islamist speakers calling for the same thing. I'd quote Jewish groups condemning that position as intrinsically hostile to Israel, and probably include a map showing Israel fading away into one indistinguishable state. Then I'd use the "call so-and-so and demand that they support Israel and reject a one-state 'solution'".

One-statism is the Democratic Party's ultimate wedge for keeping Jewish pro-Israel voters out of Republican hands. Why don't they use the damn thing?

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