Monday, April 09, 2012

Palestinian Group "Evicts" Jewish Students

A pro-Palestinian student group at Florida Atlantic University sent mock eviction notices to 200 FAU Jewish students, allegedly as a commentary on Palestinian home demolitions Israel has undertaken over the past several decades. The notices were apparently close enough to the real thing (including the unauthorized use of the FAU housing department's official stamp) to fool some of the students into thinking they were actually being evicted, and FAU is opening an investigation into the incident (which also may have violated the law). The flyers were distributed on the first night of Passover.

And, since it might have skated by -- these notices apparently targeted Jewish students. Not Israeli students, not "pro-Israel" students, but Jewish students.

Not that it matters. In the eyes of some, so long as there is an Israel whose policies can be opposed, Jews don't have any rights to speak of. It's "opposing Israeli policies", and so it's all good.

UPDATE: Further reporting indicates that Jewish students were not specifically targeted.

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PG said...

Hopefully, the leadership of the group and any members who participated in this stunt are publicly shamed for this anti-Semitism. Certainly, such an incident should give pause to any future employers.