Thursday, April 05, 2012

Took You Long Enough

Who's to blame for Trayvon Martin's killing (and the non-arrest of the shooter, George Zimmerman)? Why the Jews, of course! Something about "Zimmerman" sounding kinda Jew-y and the ADL wants to give Jews carte blanche authority to murder "goyim" and free Palestine and the Southern Poverty Law Center is in on it too and oh who the hell cares. That is, unless the problem is the Jew-owned media perpetuating a fraud on the public by slandering an innocent White man who rightfully gunned down a drug-dealing thug in his backyard. One or the other.

Incoherence aside (or taken for granted), I'm just disappointed at the delay. I mean, it's been weeks since this story broke, and we're only now getting to the Jewish conspiracy element? I think folks are slipping.

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sonicfrog said...


I can honestly admit, I didn't see this coming at all when I was mulling over all the possible nuances in the case. Wow.

The logic here kind of reminds me of some of the more interesting rational expressed to affirm guilt of the falsely accused Capt Dreyfus of Frances infamous Dreyfus affair - Because he's a Jew, of course!